JJ Industries



Power Control Centre Panel

Power Control Centre are used for intelligent selection of transmitter power output in a communication system to achieve good performance within the system.

AMF and DG Synchronizing Panel

AMF & D.G Synchronizing Panels are used to run critical loads during power failure. PLC’s are programmed to sense power loss, initiate and synchronize diesel power generation with no manual interruptions.

L.T Busduct (Air Insulated / Sandwich Types)

Busduct is mostly used in industrial location to seamlessly distribute power from one end of the building to another. These ducts are manufactured using copper or aluminium to protect it against mechanical damage

HVAC Control Panels

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) Panels are used to regulate the heating and air conditioning system. These panels are manufactured using progressive technology and innovative machines.

Motor Control Centre panel

Motor Control Centre are used to control centralized operation of all the motors located at various places inside a plant. MCC takes care of controlling, monitoring & recording of the power supplied to motors

Power Distribution Panels

Power Distribution Panels are designed to distribute electricity in different section of an industry where short circuit and overload protection are required.

PLC & Drive Control Panels

PLC based automation panels are designed and manufactured for process automation and building automation power management.

Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel

Automatic power factor correction panels are used to maintain the power factor in the desired range. APFC Panels, designed using advanced technology are capable of saving maximum power and energy.

Feeder Pillar Panel and Kiosk Panel

Feeder Pillars or Kiosk Panels are used to monitor and distribute power in outdoor applications such as transformer yard, terrace building or group housing projects.

Meter Panel

Meter Panels are used to house KWH meter for monitoring or billing purpose from utility supply provider or end user. These panels are available in customizable sizes to suit any KWH meter available.